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Eating and drinking are two of the greatest pleasures in life. And we’ve handpicked our favorite restaurants, finest drinking establishments and private culinary experiences so that you can fully indulge these pleasures at any moment and enjoy them the provoqa way.

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UCO Restaurant


Enjoy a generous 20% discount on your food bill, which means you can justify ordering two desserts instead of one and that extra bottle of wine at the end of the meal.

*Advance reservation required.

Advocates of “ego free cooking”, UCO Restaurant, located in boutique hotel Fierro, is a place for unpretentious foodies, who appreciate great food in a stylish setting, and have a penchant for a killer wine.


Go hungry and ready to gorge. Their brunch and dinner menus are all worth returning for.  


At the end of your meal, you can step out onto the lovely leafy patio outback and finish off that bottle of killer wine al fresco style.

NY Sushi and Nicky Harrison


Flash your Provoqa card at the door and you (and up to five of your guests) will jump the queue and gain immediate entry into the city’s most-talked-about speakeasy, a closed-door experience like no other.

* Over 18s only. Subject to capacity. Must comply with dress code (no sneakers, shorts or flip flops).

Historians sometimes disagree when referring to the cinematographic life of Nicky Harrison.  But avoiding those dry discussions from a Century ago, let’s focus on this unique place. It’s the spot to enjoy an unforgettable feast of Japanese and Peruvian fused delights.


But, as many things in life, the best is not to be seen, but is hidden at the back. Venture beyond the curtain and there’s a stunning, private speakeasy that whisks you back to 1920’s New York in perfect style. Just go there, maybe rest your elbow at the bar and enjoy one of the best cocktails in town.

The Argentine Experience


On any given day, you might receive a surprise invitation to dine at The Argentine Experience and live the experience. It’s free and spontaneous. Without warning.

*Offer for number of people varies depending on availability

The Argentine Experience puts the fun factor into upscale wining and dining. It’s an interactive experience that’ll teach you a few things about Argentina, make you laugh and fill you full of excellent food and wine (think melt-in-your-mouth steak that’s been slow cooked for hours upon hours and a generous flow of wines from the country’s top wineries).


It’s one of the only private dining establishments in the city where you can go alone and still be guaranteed to have a great time, befriending the fellow diners around your table and celebrating all things Argentine.

Puesto Viejo Restaurant

Feast yourself on fine food and wine and then enjoy a 20% Provoqa discount on your bill.
*Only open on Sundays.

Sundays are for relaxation and indulgence and one of our favorite ways to spend them is lunch with a view at the Puesto Viejo Polo Club´s Clubhouse restaurant, overlooking their pristine polo fields and picturesque farmland. They open their doors as a restaurant on Sundays only, serving up a menu of traditional Argentine parrilla favourites to satisfy your steak cravings, alongside other gourmet dishes.
After lunch, take a gentle stroll through their expansive grounds and breath in some fresh, countryside air, the perfect antidote to a wild Saturday night.
The elegant Clubhouse is also an ideal location for your private event.


With a flash of your Provoqa card at the door, you will jump the queue and gain priority entry for you (and up to five guests) into this glam establishment, the chicest of subway experiences.

* Over 18s only. Subject to capacity. Must comply with dress code (no sneakers, shorts or flip flops). is definitely the new burning bar in BA, located in one of the most vital corners in Palermo Hollywood. It recreates underground happiness, almost like in New York City. There is a Stairway to Heaven, as Robert Plant claimed. And there are stairs that lead you down, under the sea level, closer to hell, closer to sin, closer to one of the most amazing spots you could find. Sexy R&B beats seep into your skin, while you enjoy a unique cocktail in a fantastic location. And to assure the quality of the food offered, the great chef Dante Liporace is in charge of it.


Oh, and we’ll let you into a little secret… There’s a private room upstairs that you can reserve for events and private dinners, where you’ll receive the utmost attention.

Dashi House


You’ll be welcomed through the door with a Provoqa Cocktail on the house from Dashi’s signature cocktail list. And for your special night of sushi with friends, you get priority booking of the much-sought-after Omakase private room (that usually has a waiting list of up to a month).

Omakase is Japanese for ‘the chef’s choice’ and is associated with the idea of trust. When a sushi craving strikes, what better way to indulge it than placing your trust in the hands of Dashi’s creative chef Roberto Nishida, who will design an exclusive menu of seven courses for an evening of fine sushi with friends in the restaurant’s stunning private room, Omakase.


Nishida’s culinary skills run the gamut from classic sushi favorites to more imaginative Asian fusion dishes and touches of Peruvian. And of course, no tasting menu is complete without a fabulous wine pairing, thanks to their in-house sommelier.

Fogón Asado Experience

Provoqa members will receive a special discount code and receive a 20% discount off the price of the tasting menu and optional wine pairing, when booking online.
The asado lies at the heart of Argentina’s culture and this intimate, new closed-door dining experience in Buenos Aires puts a modern spin on the traditional Argentine barbecue. As you sit at the bar, your hosts prepare every item on the menu on the open coals of their specially designed parrilla before your very eyes. You’ll be invited to take your pick of hand carved gaucho knives to dine with and you’ll mix up your own chimichurri.
The six-part menu takes you on a tasting journey through the asado classics that includes morcilla and chorizo with a modern twist, three cuts of the finest Argentine grass fed beef, each prepared using a different technique, and a surprise seasonal treat.


And you’ll take home the secrets to grilling the Argentine way.   

Ocho Once


A surprise jar of homemade preserve, specially concocted in the kitchen by the chef himself, depending on his mood and the fruits (or vegetables) at his fingertips.

Numbers are an abstraction that, among other things, represent a magnitude, a scale. They carry the mystery hidden behind its shadow. Like this discrete and charming house, commanded by chef Gonzalo Bazterrica.


On the other side of busy “Palermitan” streets, a space of gastronomic intimacy, with perfect care for the product. And a courtesy homemade preserved gift for us provoqadores, with the cozy taste of a soft ball of wool, like an old fairy tale.


Numbers are important in Ocho Once and mathematics is fundamental to music. If you remember Ferris Bueller’ song…well, that’s another great OchoOnce story.

Cava Uco


Two Provoqa members are invited free-of-charge to attend Cave de UCO’s daily wine tastings. A great introduction to the Argentine wine world and an opportunity to meet fellow wine lovers. Get in there quick as there’s a maximum of two Provoqa members per tasting so it’s first come first served.

*Prior reservation required and subject to availability.

A new space and concept on the Buenos Aires’ wine scene and an offspring of the fabulous Fierro Hotel. Cave de UCO hosts intimate wine tastings with their trained sommeliers on a daily basis. The stylish space boasts a curated selection of Argentina’s finest wines to purchase, all stored correctly and beautifully aged in their onsite cellar.

Brasserie Petanque


When in France, every good meal starts with a Pastis aperitif and Petanque will treat you to a complimentary one, starting the night as you mean to go on in true French style.

Some places just become classics. If you think about dining in San Telmo, it’s difficult not to think about Brasserie Petanque and that beachside game shaped in Southern France.


Round as those petanque balls is the experience in this restaurant. Delicious French inspired food is served in a cozy, brasserie-style ambience. Brunch on Sundays is a must.

Chicken Bros


Every good feast ends in dessert so make space. After every meal, you’ll receive Chicken Bro’s signature Deep Fried Oreos dessert, the ultimate guilty pleasure.

An idea born between two friends after a night of revelry, Chicken Bros is now leading the chicken uprising in the carne-obsessed Buenos Aires. The US-born founders were united in their passion for cooking and a desire to bring a piece of their home country to Argentina. Enjoy such guilty pleasures as chicken wings, popcorn chicken and other deep fried pollo-themed delights. Get in there with your hands and get saucy. No cutlery required.


As their tagline asserts, expect “Good Food, Good Times and Buena Onda”. The only issue you’ll face is which of their homemade sauces to choose.



You’ll be greeted and treated to a welcome cocktail on arrival, such as their signature Feisty Redhead that combines Jameson Whiskey with ginger ale, a splash of soda and a twist of lime in true Irish style.   

The newspaper industry is being affected and changing due to technological advances. Nevertheless, many of us still enjoy reading a paper edition, while having a morning coffee and ink in our fingertips. That same paper filled with stories has been used for ages to lovingly wrap the traditional Fish & Chips.


If you are into that delicious duet, or other nice British and Irish dishes, Chipper is your place. And to make it a proper experience, accompany the food with a nice gin & tonic, maybe on the top floor terrace, if the weather is being kind.

Cenas Pasionarias


Cenas Pasionarias will pop open a complimentary bottle of espumante for Provoqa members to enjoy.

*Dinners take place Thursday to Saturdays only.

Hidden behind an unassuming door in a quiet street of Palermo is an old warehouse space stacked to the rafters with beautiful antiques from the 1920s to 50s. On the weekends only, you can dine among these retro chic treasures, illuminated by art deco lighting and candles. Chef Gaspar serves up a rotating set menu of ceviche, sushi and other culinary delights, while a live jazz band or other guest musician entertains you. Stay on for a dance or settle on the sofa for a drink, marveling at the dazzling collection of curios around you.


Be sure to reserve a date before the end of this year because Cenas Pasionarias will sadly close its doors in Buenos Aires on December 31 for an indefinite period to pursue ambitions in Europe.



15% Provoqa discount for breakfast, lunch and dinner (we recommend you try all three). While you’re there, you can pick up a lovely bottle of wine or other treat to take home and get another 15% Provoqa discount (applies to all products, except spirits).

Owned by two lovers of fine wine and good food, Boretto surprises us every time with its appetizing food menu and buena onda. We like to go there for breakfast and a caffeine fix (careful, their pastries are addictive) as much as for dinner or a glass of wine. You can hand pick a bottle of wine from their adjoining wine cellar to go with your meal or take one home for later.

They also host regular wine tastings of the latest wines in their carefully curated collection to help you make more informed choices when deciding on the grape and year.

Aldo’s (Moreno)


Aldo’s will help you start your night off right in classic San Telmo with a glass of wine or bubbly on the house from their impressive wine list.

*Only applies in Aldo’s San Telmo

Located in the historic part of the city, close to the famous and mysterious Manzana de las Luces, you will not go there just for some apples.


With one of the most interesting wine lists in the city (offering winery prices, btw) and a renovated menu by chef Matsumoto, Aldo’s offers an unforgettable culinary experience, in all the senses. And if you are into music, it’s the perfect place to enjoy some chords in the neighboring Bebop jazz bar.

El Quinto


Whichever location you choose to dine in, Provoqa members will be invited to enjoy a complimentary glass of Barroco wine with every visit (red, white or rose) and will receive invitations to all of Provoqa’s private events and experiences in this elegant establishment.

An upscale Asian restaurant that endeavors to bring the four key flavors to the table; sweet, bitter, salty and sour. And then adds that important fifth (quinto) known as “umami” that is integral to Japanese cuisine and literally means “delicious.”


You can savor this restaurant’s delicious melange of flavors that fuse Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisines in one of two minimalist chic locations in the city, one in Belgrano and the other in Palermo.

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