How do I become a member?


A nice easy question to start. To become a member of Provoqa you need to either complete the Online application form which you will find in the Membership section of this Provoqa website and a member of our team will contact you directly. Or just e-mail us at info@provoqa.com and we will walk you through the process.  

How can I pay for Provoqa membership?


Provoqa can offer 4 ways to make it easy to purchase your Provoqa membership …. 1. Cash (10% discount)  

2. Paypal (incl. Credit/debit card) 

3. Local Bank Transfer (Argentina) USD/ARP 

4. International Bank Transfer USD 

You will find these all in the Membership section of this website.

What benefits are available with a Provoqa membership?


Simple answer …. Loads!! Please check out our Benefits section on the Provoqa website and see all the Benefits and conditions in detail.  

What type of memberships are available?


There are 2 types of membership – Individual membership and Couples membership.

How long does membership last for?


Both Individual and Couples memberships last for 12 months. Provoqa will contact you in month 11 of your membership to arrange renewing your membership for a further 12 months.


How much does membership cost?

Initial introductory offer price: 

Individual membership costs $240 USD per year ($220 in cash)

Couples membership costs $400 USD per year ($80 USD per year discount) or ($360 USD in cash – so $120 USD discount).  



Is there a discount if I pay in cash?

Yes there is. There is a 10% discount. So Individual membership would be $220 USD instead if $240 USD and Couples membership would be $360 USD instead of $400 USD.


Can I pay for Provoqa

Membership in Argentine pesos cash?

Yes you can. Provoqa will apply the USD/Peso conversation rate that is applicable at that time. 

Is Provoqa Membership just for establishments in Argentina?

No. Provoqa International is being actively developed right now, with specific immediate focus on London (UK) and then other major cities to follow.



How do I receive my benefit? How do I use my membership card?

Simple. All you need to do is to present your membership card at the establishment that is offering the benefit or the event that you are attending. 

Who is covered under my membership?

The benefit is applied to the holder of the card, the member only. It will not cover or be applied to other non-members.

Are there any conditions to using the Provoqa membership to receive benefits?



For those establishments that offer a % discount or a “freebie”, a member would need to comply with the establishments minimum consumption to receive the benefit. Each and every Provoqa Partner establishment has its own very simple clauses to be able to use your Provoqa Member card – check out the Benefits of the website to find the details of each benefit and the conditions.  

How many times can I use my membership at the same establishment?

You can use your membership to receive the relevant benefit at the same establishment as often as you like, unless otherwise stated under Partner benefit conditions.


Will I be able to make purchases on the Provoqa website and App?

Yes, soon. Provoqa will have a marketplace feature where various products (wines for example), items, tours etc will be available for purchase at extra special Provoqa prices.

Can I refer or introduce friends to become members of Provoqa?


Absolutely yes! And as a “thank you”, Provoqa will reward Members with extra special offers and membership renewal discounts in the future. More information upon request.


Can I lend my card to a friend to use?

We would kindly request that you do not do this. A condition of membership is that the membership card and the associated benefits apply only to the card holder – that being the actual member. If you have a friend that would like to enjoy the benefits of being a Provoqa Member, please introduce them to us and as a thank you, we will reward you … as detailed in FAQ. No. 15.


How long after I have paid will I receive my membership card? 

Once we have received your membership payment we will send your Membership card (to the address you indicated on the membership application form) within 5 working days.

What is the value of my

Provoqa Membership?



Well, we like to say, “Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder”, and we believe that what Provoqa offers our members is both beautiful and valuable!! Many benefits have a calculable, definable value, many do not. Either way, we know that you will not be disappointed.

How else do I benefit from being a Provoqa Member?

Ah, good question …. Simple answer is many ways. Provoqa Members will also benefit from being automatically invited to each and every one of the Provoqa Events that will take place at least once a month, along with additional events that Provoqa’s Partners and Provoqa’s associated Brands will host on occasions.

Also Provoqa members will be kept up to date with insider information about what is “on right now” or “coming soon” at our Partners and associated Brands, whilst Provoqa International will guide you to fantastic places and opportunities around the globe, especially Europe and the Middle East.


Why would I become a 

Provoqa member?

Well, if it is not clear enough already, try this on for size. Not only will members have access to so many fun, original benefits from a wide variety of establishments and brands, and not only because members will be invited to participate in Provoqa’s regular unique events, and Partner and Brand special events, and not only because members will receive first-hand information from the places and companies that we work with or the Provoqa International Guide, that along with our well known UK Partner, will provide personal reviews that cover all our Provoqa website categories BUT on top of all of that, Provoqa Members will be able to enjoy their membership by themselves, with their loved ones and families and of course with other Provoqa members – or PLU’s as we like to think of them ….. (People Like Us!).

Provoqa is the only private members club that brings together the most amazing group of expats, all with a wide range of occupations, from CEO’s and Diplomats, to artists and entrepreneurs and more, and from more than 35 Nationalities including a very respectful number of BA/Argentine citizens. All of this under the careful Provoqa keen eye for detail! 

We reserve the right to decline a membership application.

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