It’s the small details in life that make all the difference. We at Provoqa focus on the finer points that make your event or experience an unforgettable one. The Small Luxuries in life.

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Puesto Viejo

Polo Club and

Polo Day

SIgn yourself up for a fun day of polo and rub shoulders with the pros and enjoy a 20% Provoqa discount.

Puesto Viejo’ traditionally refers to the building where the most honorable gaucho used to live on an estancia, in charge of the general operations. With a nod to the estancia traditions of yesteryear, Puesto Viejo Polo Club recreates a truly authentic, ranch experience, combined with all the modern day luxuries and comforts you might need.  


Every aspect of Puesto Viejo Polo Club is designed to impress, whether you want to live like a gaucho for a day, play polo on their pristine well-kept fields, spectate from the sidelines or simply escape the city and lie by the pool for the day, while enjoying a legitimate Argentine asado and wine.

Santos Sailing Charters


Whatever paradise destination you’re heading off to for some ocean bliss, you’ll receive a 10% Provoqa discount on your trip plus some surprise complimentary offerings, depending on the mood and location. You’ll just have to wait and see…

Picture the scene: there’s a light breeze in the air,

you have a glass of chilled white wine in hand and you’re gently cruising over crystal clear waters, sailing into the sunset.

What more could you ask for?


From Argentina to Brazil to the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, Santo Sailing Charters offer bespoke chartered sailing trips in paradise locations around the world..

Rojo Tango


Give your Provoqa membership number at the time of booking your tickets and you’ll receive the most coveted seats in the house, on the front row.


*Advance reservation required and subject to availability

This is the number one tango show in the city that’ll leave you wanting more. It’s a glamorous mix of sensual tango and dramatic cabaret, performed by the best tango dancers and musicians in the city. The intimate show takes place in a small room of the opulent Faena Hotel replete with plush red velvet.


You can make a night of it and enjoy an exquisite three-course dinner before the show or simply go for the main act and a glass of full-bodied red. Prepare to be dazzled by fabulous costumes, emotive music and some seriously slick choreography.  


Patagonia Chopper

Provoqa members will receive personalized VIP treatment by a bilingual host in the planning of their flight and all pre and post flight preparations and paperwork will be free of charge. Every journey will be tailored to your requests and tastes, from the choice of menu served during your flight to a complimentary welcome hamper of drinks and snacks.
Provoqa members will also have full access to Patagonia Chopper’s unique universe of events and launches and collaborations with some of the best luxury brands on the market, including Maserati, Cartier and La Prairie, to name a few.
One of the best ways to see Buenos Aires (or some beautiful, far-flung corner of Patagonia) is from above. There’s a unique thrill that comes from being in the sky in your own private chopper or airplane, enjoying your own special aerial view. Every detail of the experience is carefully planned and personalized before, during and after your flight, whether it’s a glass of bubbly at high altitude or a romantic dinner for two. No request is too big or too small.
Patagonia Chopper has a fleet of helicopters at your service as well as airplanes from their partner company Ventus Flights, offering tailor made tours or chartered flights.

Gaucho Argentino


Enjoy a 20% Provoqa discount on your stay at Gaucho Argentina´s stunning Estancia La Pelada in Corrientes, the perfect weekend getaway, and a 10% Provoqa discount on any of their eye-opening horseback riding adventures across the Andes, in Salta and Patagonia.


Take it from us, crossing the Andes on horseback is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. The incredible beauty and feeling of being at one with nature is unparalleled. Led by the knowledgeable Dario Gallardo, a passionate, third-generation gaucho, and his magnificent family of horses, you’ll venture off the beaten track, following trails once trodden by smugglers, crossing rivers, reaching mountain peaks, bathing in natural hot springs and generally living unforgettable moments.


If this goes beyond your comfort zone, you can start with a gentler horseback riding adventure in Corrientes or visit one of Gaucho Argentino’s partner ranches. Each of Dario’s gaucho experiences is entirely bespoke and unique, helping you to discover the magic of Argentina in your own way.

Shop Hop BA


Receive a special 10% Provoqa discount on all shopping experiences and services and a complimentary bottle of bubbly to enjoy as you shop.

Quietly concealed behind the closed doors of charming old buildings or down unassuming alleyways, the city’s true shopping gems can be found. And the savvy Shop Hop BA girls will guide you to these exclusive appointment-only shopping spots and the private showrooms and workshops of Buenos Aires’ best local designers and artisans. They’ll help you find exactly what’s on your shopping list and send you home with some stylish new swag.


They arrange private and group shopping experiences, customized shopping itineraries and personal shopping services, all tailored to your requests and most refined tastes.

Cohiba Atmosphere

Provoqa members will receive a welcome Provoqa Cocktail on every visit and enjoy exclusive discounts on all cigars and products (except limited edition Habano cigars) as well as a 20% discount in cash at the restaurant or 10% discount with credit card. Provoqa members will also receive invitations to private tastings and dinners co-hosted by Provoqa.
This cigar hotspot will dazzle Habanos enthusiasts, providing a first-class setting in which to savor a premium cigar. The members-only club that opened less than a year ago and is situated in the heart of old San Telmo has a plush smoking room, private lounge, fully stocked bar serving top-shelf whiskeys and two private meeting rooms so that you can combine business with pleasure.
The establishment also has a fancy restaurant serving up a menu of international fare designed by esteemed chef Martin Dolz, who’s worked in numerous well-regarded restaurants around the world.

Piso Tres


Piso Tres will upgrade the champagne chosen for your event, ensuring your guests sip on the best bubbly in one of the most desirable event spaces in the city.

This exclusive third floor terrace and pool is a hidden gem in the heart of old San Telmo and provides the perfect setting for a romantic, intimate gathering or birthday celebration under the stars. They’re also the perfect hosts for a slick corporate event and will pull out all the stops to impress your clients.


With one of our favorite chefs Pablo Massey leading the culinary direction, you can be sure it will be an event of the highest caliber and an incredible night to remember.

Barroco Wines


Provoqa members will receive a special code to enter into Barroco Wine’s website that will get you 25% off their online wine purchase. You’ll also receive invitations to Provoqa and Barroco’s fun Empanada & Wine Tasting events that will take place in different locations across the city as well as other other original wine tasting experiences that go beyond the norm to offer you something more unusual.

We like to offer you unique products and experiences that are a cut above the rest, such as a niche wine that you won’t find in your standard wine shop or supermarket.


Well-known Argentine sommelier Roberto Romano is the creator of such a wine after discovering a special Viognier grape in 2013 that inspired him to develop small productions of sophisticated wines, each with their own unique spirit that represents the primal elements and forces of nature, from fiery Malbecs to complex Viogniers.


The sparkling wines are also exceptional and internationally renowned, in particular the other-worldly Aether Assemblage, left to mature for 41 months.  

The Caviar Experience


It was the Persians who first prepared and savored sturgeon roe, attributing medicinal powers to caviar. Today these exquisite edible pearls are the ultimate luxury indulgence best enjoyed with a fine glass of fizz.


Our friends at The Caviar Experience create the perfect setting in which to appreciate all the qualities of this rare delicacy. It’s the ultimate sensory experience that marries caviar with wine and other luxury trappings.

The Meat Market


Nothing goes better with a grill of succulent meats than a fine Malbec wine and The Meat Market will gift you a free bottle of Malbec when you spend ARG $2,000 or more in cash on their premises.

The Meat Market is a new, welcome addition on the Buenos Aires scene. An epicurean’s heaven, this upscale, boutique butchers provides fresh, premium carne for your asado, along with the best cheeses and cured meats for a typical picada and other gourmet artisan treats.


You’ll go in for one item and come away with five.

Chef Hernán Vázquez & Kalix


To tickle your tastebuds on arrival at Kalix Unic, Provoqa members will receive a complimentary amuse bouche and a glass of the finest of bubbles from one of their

distinctive winemakers.

Argentine chef Hernán Vazquéz is another one of our personal favorites, offering a truly unique dining experience. Once a month his pop-up restaurant Kalix Unic occupies a new and enchanting location in the city and takes its guests on a different culinary journey. The fine dining menu of six courses changes every time, designed in accordance with the mood and peculiarities of each space that hosts it.


Provoqa members also have the privilege of enlisting the gourmet catering services of Chef Vazquéz for your own event, who will personally design a one-off menu according to the theme of the event, your personality and your most refined requests.

Provoqa Party Van


Your Provoqa membership gets you a 10% discount on any ride in the Party Van so you can travel in style (and have fun) at every moment.

We all love wine. Who doesn’t? If you don’t, stop reading now. Drinking and driving, not a good decision. So forget about the “designated driver”, get a fun group together and let the “provoqa van” take you to party.


If you fancy a ride to an Estancia, a quick drive to the airport or any other “road trip” that requires place for many people, this is the trusted van service you would like to hire.


Bellagio Habanos Lounge

Provoqa members will receive a 15% Provoqa discount on all purchases in cash and  a 10% Provoqa discount on all purchases with credit card.
This is an authentic spot in which to enjoy an unadulterated Habano experience, puffing on a wide selection of fine cigar varietals and discussing tobacco blends with your fellow cigar connoisseurs. The walk-in lounge and boutique also features an extensive selection of wines from Argentina’s best wineries in their wine cellar to enjoy on the premises or take away.
In addition, you’ll find a wide selection of pipes and other accessories deemed necessary by the refined smoker, from luxury names such as St Dupont Paris, Davidoff, Dunhill and Mont Blanc.  

El Abierto


Receive an upgrade in champagne for your event and welcome your guests with the finest of bubbles, starting the party as you mean to go on.

El Abierto recreate the laidback campo lifestyle in the heart of the city. Their events space boasts two hectares of verdant green parkland, ample indoor space and attentive service.


The dining proposal is designed by chef Pablo Massey, based on your requests, whether you want to offer your guests freshly grilled hunks of meat and seasonal vegetables on a rustic parrilla as they cozy up on deckchairs around fire pits, or a more formal and refined dinner service.

Atelier du Corps


Enjoy a 25% Provoqa discount on all the spa treatments (not including medical treatments) and a 15% Provoqa discount on their exclusive line of Biologique Recherce products from Paris.

We all deserve some pampering and me time and deluxe boutique spa Atelier du Corps is just the place for it. The chic, modern white surroundings are perfectly zen. Sit back, relax and

choose from a menu of luxuriant spa massages and non-invasive beauty treatments using the most advanced, up-to-the-minute technology.


Goodbye unwanted wrinkles and cellulite. You’ll step out feeling rejuvenated and looking positively glowing, ready for whatever Provoqa fun lies head.

NTK Eventos


Regardless of the service that you are contracting NTK for, you’ll receive a special Provoqa credit on their services to add a little extra something to the ambience of the occasion (depending on the style and scale of the event).

These are the pros for all your event production needs, bringing life to your party, corporate event or other themed celebration. From providing the sound, lighting and other visuals to arranging the music, DJs and other general logistics in the run up and during your event, they’ve got you covered.


This leaves you free to focus on being the host or hostess with the mostess.


Catering Baez

Receive a whole host of exclusive add-ons to your menu and event from Buenos Aires’ most luxurious caterers, including:
- A complimentary starter dish of your choice (offer applies to formal menus only for 50+ guests)
- A Cheese Brulée station during reception (applies to formal and informal menus)
- A sushi station during reception (applies to formal and informal menus only for 50+ guests)
- 10% off drinks package (applies to formal and informal menus for 50+ guests)
- Premium crystal wine, champagne and water glasses for the table (applies to formal menu)
Expert caterers BAEZ think of all the details for your event so you don’t have to. They offer different delectable proposals depending on the style of your event and work with you to create the most perfect ambience for a night of fabulous food, drinks and exuberance.
They offer both formal and informal menus tailored to your most precise requests and will either host your event on their own smart premises or transform your space into something fabulous.

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